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July 11, 2011

“We are the Church With No Walls and our motto is “Reaching people where they are at!” and our aim is to work with people on the streets who would not necessarily go into a church or, if they did, the church may not know what to do with them.

Foodbank enables us to give practical help to those who have little to eat. Like last Sunday two families came in. One had more or less been evicted from their own home by neighbours and they were living in their car. They could not work due of illness. All their spare cash had gone on insurance and repairs to their house.

The second family had three small children and, because of ongoing medical bills, had no money to put food in their kids bellies. Thanks to Foodbank we were able to offer both spiritual help as well as practical help and this is great, absolutely fantastic believe you me!

On behalf of the street people and the hungry now of Hobart and Southern Tasmania, I want to say keep up the great work – we from Church With No Walls salute you and all who donate goods, time and money to keep you running.”

Pastor Francis E Cole

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