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Australians are throwing away food worth $5.2 billion a year.

  • One in three kilograms of food produced around the country is wasted, whilst at the same time two million Australians are going to bed hungry every year.
  • An estimated 20% to 40% of fruit and vegetables are  rejected even before they reach the shops – mostly because they do not match the supermarkets’  cosmetic standards.
  • Dumping a kilo of beef wastes the 50,000 litres of water it took to produce that meat, throwing out a kilo of white rice will waste 2,385 litres, and wasting a kilo of potatoes costs 500 litres of water.

Landfill and Environmental Impact in Australia

  • 3.28 million tonnes of food is driven to landfill in Australia every year
  • 47% of municipal waste to landfill is food and green waste
  • Food waste in Australian landfills is the second largest source of methane
  • 10% of rich countries’ greenhouse gas emissions come from growing food that is never eaten

It is estimated that nationally, through redistribution, Foodbank each year saves:

  • 19,000 cubic metres of landfill
  • 33 million kg of carbon dioxide emissions
  • 1.2 million litres of water
  • 50 million MJ energy saving
  • 28 million kgs of food

To donate, to help stop food waste  in Australia click here

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