Aussies going hungry aren’t just on the street, they’re in your street: Jillian and Tim’s Story

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August 20, 2015

For many of us when we think of hunger, we think of Africa and other poverty stricken nations, but the reality is that many Aussies are going hungry right now and they aren’t just on the street, they’re in your street. According to the majority of welfare charities we partner with, low income families, single parent families, the elderly and the unemployed are most in need of assistance.

Families like Jillian and Tim’s.

On the outside they look like most other families, they both have jobs and their 3 kids go to school. They seem comfortable but on the inside it’s a different story.

While they don’t need help every single day, it’s at the end of the month when the rent is paid, the bills stack up and the money from last month’s pay runs low. Those are the difficult days.

“By the end of the month our pantry and fridge are almost empty and everyone is hungry,” shared Jillian. “You keep trying to stretch it just a couple more days but it doesn’t always work. We can go without but it’s hard to look your kids in the eyes and tell them there’s not much left for breakfast or dinner”.

Jillian says that’s when she heads to one of our Foodbank charity partners for assistance. But even with the thought of empty cupboards and three hungry kids at home, asking for help isn’t easy.

“It’s very disheartening as we both have jobs and work hard. Sometimes it feels like we can never get ahead. We often feel like we’re letting our kids down and that’s the worst feeling in the world,” said Jillian.

“Just last week Tim and I were chatting about our life, the kids and the future and asking ourselves are we doing something wrong?”

But Jillian and Tim aren’t doing anything wrong. Hunger in Australia is mostly a hidden crisis with 1 in 10 Australians – half of whom are children – seeking food relief each year. With Sydney one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, and the cost of living increasing every year, it’s getting tougher for the average Aussie to make ends meet.

That’s why your support of Foodbank NSW/ACT is so important.

When the bank account gets low and the discouragement kicks in, families like Jillian and Tim’s can find help through our food relief charity partners because you have helped us rescue and salvage food that would otherwise been thrown into landfill. Because of your support we are able to provide over 712,857 meals a month to Aussies doing it tough through our 560 charity partners in NSW & ACT.

When asked what it feels like to be able to access food for their family at the end of a month Jillian said, “It’s a huge relief. We can feed our kids and the burden lifts off for a bit”.

While the benefit may be temporary, it’s something Jillian and Tim appreciate longer than the food lasts as it gives them some extra time to not worry about finding food for their next meal and focus on spending time with their family.

“This is not how we want to live long term but we’re making the best of it. We’re just thankful that we can get help when we need it right now,” said Jillian.

Despite our best efforts over 60,000 people are still being turned away from our food relief charity partners empty handed each month due to a shortage of food and resources.

Your gift today will not only help us provide emergency food relief to families like Jillian and Tim’s but it will help them get back on their feet so that we can help other families in need who come along after them.

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