11 year old Anastacia’s Story – “If I don’t have breakfast, I feel tired and weak”

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November 3, 2016

Dear Foodbank Supporter

I believe in the potential of every Australian child. I’m passionate about supporting Australian children that need our help. And I believe the best way to provide relief and dignity to disadvantaged children is by giving them the most important meal of the day – a good old fashioned Australian breakfast.

After the crippling effect of the economic downturn on middle and lower class Australian families, I can no longer ignore the situation that thousands of Australian children are going hungry every day. EDM 1

In my line of work, I come across some really spirited and resilient Australians. Anastacia is one of them. She is a kind, happy, active 11-year-old who is well-liked and respected by her classmates, she is School Captain and always takes the time to help other students.

Life at home isn’t easy for Anastacia. Her family has always struggled to make ends meet. Food shortages in their home have always led to anxiety and vulnerability. It affects her and her family every day and poor Anastacia doesn’t deserve to live like this.

Will you please give a gift of $30 to help feed children in need like Anastacia? Click here to donate to this urgent appeal.

As Australia’s largest food relief organisation, Foodbank doesn’t just give people food. We give them dignity and respect by providing a basic human right. At Foodbank, we change lives one meal at a time – but this can only possible with your support.

To make things worse, Anastacia’s mum Connie has breast cancer and is recovering from a double mastectomy, so as you can imagine, with all the bills and treatment, they really struggle to put food on the table.

But I am confident with your support today we can do something to turn this family’s life around.

Imagine what it must be like every day not knowing where your next meal is coming from and not even being able to afford the basics like bread, milk and eggs.

Anastacia lives in a community where many children live seriously disadvantaged lives – as did their parents and grandparents before them. Unfortunately, this is a growing problem in our society – that’s why I need your urgent support.

Getting by has away been tough, but now it is even worse for the family both emotionally and financially. Connie feels shame and sadness that she can’t support her children. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that nobody deserves to feel like this.

Like you and me, Anastacia’s primary school teachers believe that every child deserves the right to have a healthy breakfast before school. This is vital if kids are to develop the skills and confidence to make good EDM 2choices and have happy, productive lives.

With the school year well under way, this caring school community will be heartbroken if they can’t get funding to continue the Breakfast Club. I will be too.

But your urgent gift of $30, can help make sure every school child in need receives a healthy nutritious breakfast. Click here to donate.

“There are days when I cry because I can’t look after Anastacia,” says mum Connie. “I’m her mother, I should be doing that. But if it wasn’t for the school, Anastacia wouldn’t get breakfast.

“If I don’t have breakfast, I feel tired and weak,” Anastacia says. “After I’ve eaten at the Breakfast Club, I feel good. I don’t feel tired. I feel like I have a lot of energy and I can finish the whole day off nice and good.”

Bronwyn, the School Principal, is witnessing a classroom revolution thanks to the school’s Breakfast Club – increased concentration in children and a big reduction in discipline issues.

It is this approach that has helped Anastacia go from strength-to-strength; gaining the confidence and skills to give assembly speeches as School Captain, help other children in need and compete at the district sports carnival.

“I think she will go on and show this community that you can start out in very challenging circumstances and go on through high school to university. It’s about choice; for her to have a choice about what she wants to do.”

When you give a disadvantaged child breakfast today – you are also giving them a choice about their tomorrow.

I hope you agree that no family deserves to feel vulnerable. Your donation of $30 can provide the security around knowing where their next meal is coming from. Click here to donate.

There is just so much human potential to be unlocked by this and other Foodbank programs; from breakfast clubs in schools, to food parcels for families in need, to hot meals served to the homeless community from food vans.

The Breakfast Club project is so effective because it is run by a school community that believes in their kids and what they can achieve. It is remarkable because Foodbank supporters like you are helping children EDM 3like Anastacia have a healthy breakfast today – and a choice about their tomorrow.

“I was proud to come to this school and have my daughter come here and become School Captain,” says mum Connie. “I cried when they asked me to come up on stage and pin the badge on her. I get emotional thinking about it.”

Without your generous support today, we cannot continue to give seriously disadvantaged children their dignity back with a regular healthy breakfast that could help them achieve as much as Anastacia.

Will you please help with an urgent donation of $30 to keep the doors of this vital Breakfast Club and others like it open? A gift of $50, or $100 or even $150 will make sure other kids at seriously disadvantaged schools can have a healthy breakfast and maximise their education opportunity. Click here to donate.

Don’t delay as this is an urgent problem in our community. Thank you for all of your support.

Warmest regards,

Gerry Andersen
CEO, Foodbank NSW & ACT


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