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February 24, 2017

This beef blade carvery is fully cooked- ready to heat and serve. There are no added ingredients- just 100% pure beef blade.

Sous Vide

You may have noticed this doesn’t look like your typical roast – and you’re right! Due to the Sous Vide method, this product will eat better than your normal Sunday night special.

Sous Vide is a French method of cooking – which translates to ‘Under Vacuum’. The method is now widely used by high end restaurants, and home ‘foodie’ hobbyists. This beef blade has been freshly sealed in the pouch and precision cooked in a water bath. Sous Vide utilises low temperatures (~70°C) over a long period of time (up to 20 hours!).

The resultant food is sensationally juicy & tender- once finished in the oven, this will surely please the toughest food critic.

Cooking Instructions

Remove product from pouch and retain jus (natural cookout from the meat).

Oven: Place on an oven tray. Preheat oven to 180°C. Cook product for approximately 45 minutes. Once cooked, probe product to ensure it has reached a minimum of 70°C. If this hasn’t occurred yet, continue cooking until temperature is reached.

Grill: Place on an oven tray. On a medium to high setting grill product for approximately 45 minutes until it has reached a minimum of 70°C internal. If outside is getting burnt, product can be wrapped in aluminium foil.

BBQ: The product can be cooked on a BBQ with a hood. On a medium setting, or over coal, roast product for approximately 45 minutes. Probe internally to ensure product has reached a minimum of 70°C. Product can be wrapped in foil to prevent excessive burning.


  1. For extra flavour, product can be rubbed with salt, Vegeta or a seasoning of your choice.
  2. Retained jus can be used for stocks and gravies with a difference! If using powdered gravy, substitute equal parts water with jus for extra depth of flavour.
  3. Making a curry or casserole? Dice the blade cold and combine with the rest of the ingredients. Cook until product reaches 70°C and all other ingredients are to your liking. The product is already slow cooked, so no need to cook for long!
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