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Will you donate $40 to provide a hamper to feed those doing it tough in NSW’s farming community?

The farming community is in crisis. Our sunburnt country has seen its warmest Autumn ever. Combined with record dry conditions, this has resulted in Australia’s worst drought in decades.

Right now, 100% of NSW is drought-affected. There is no end in sight for the big dry.

Regional communities across the state has been crippled without rain, leaving many people without any income.

Farming families and people in the bush whose living is dependent on the land, are struggling to put food on the table.

“Our town is suffering. Farm hands, shop owners, services are all dependant on the farming. Everything from mechanics, shops who provide parts for farmers plants, wheels all can’t get paid because crops are failing.”
– Carla, Foodbank community partner, Narrabri

This is where you can help.

Foodbank are the only organisation providing food relief to not just farmers, but the wider regional community facing ruin because of this devastating drought.

And demand is at all all time high.

Initial estimates show that we need to provide 10,000 hampers – that’s 5,000 food hampers and 5,000 personal care hampers – to help drought affected families.

100% of every dollar you donate will help the farming community to get back on their feet now, and also continue to support them throughout long-term drought recovery.

Each of these desperately-needed hampers can provide a family of four with approximately one week’s worth of staples and meals.

We have the means of getting the hampers to regional NSW. But we need your help to fill the hampers today. Your help can’t wait. Please donate now.

$40 will provide one hamper
$120 will provide three hampers
$400 will provide 10 hampers
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