Why is Foodbank Sending Hampers to Farming Communities?

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August 20, 2018
On the 6th August, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said “Send money, don’t send hampers and tinned food; what the charities need is cash.” So why are Foodbank sending hampers?

It’s important to recognise Foodbank plays one part in a much wider effort from many charities and organisations working collaboratively to provide the most effective and efficient relief to affected communities. Every little bit counts – for those both directly and indirectly affected by the drought.

Foodbank is here for the long haul. Drought takes an incredibly long time to recover from which is why we’re working with our partners across the food and grocery sector, and our broader community, to provide ongoing food and grocery assistance not only now, but right through the drought recovery period.

Why are you only providing 10,000 hampers?

Our initial target to kick this off is 5,000 food and 5,000 personal care hampers.

We are currently planning our next steps to provide further assistance beyond October. We’ll communicate these plans as soon as they are ready to be rolled out.

This drought recovery is going to take months, even years. We want to be with these communities every step of the way.

How do we know that the Foodbank hampers are going to people in need?

Foodbank is working to ensure that the support we provide makes the most impact on the ground, and goes to where it is needed most.

Foodbank NSW & ACT has strong, established relationships with its 280 rural and regional charity partners that are built on trust and years of experience helping people in need. We will continue to work closely with them in bringing relief to drought-stricken communities.

Is the food you provide to charities of good quality?

Yes. Every year millions of kilos of good food goes to waste in Australia. What we do is called ‘food banking’, where we capture both perfect – and imperfect, safe to consume –surplus food from food manufacturers, producers and retailers. We also work collaboratively with manufacturers to coordinate the production, processing, and packaging of a range of staple food products including cereal, milk, bread, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Will families get recurring hampers? A hamper to last them a week doesn’t seem like a lot of help.

Our rural and regional charity partners will be the ones who decide who and how many hampers are distributed as they are best placed to make these decisions.

This initial hamper build will be evaluated as it progresses, with next steps and more hampers to come if required.

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