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November 1, 2017

Dear Friends,

We might be living in an increasingly uncertain world, but where your next meal comes from should never be uncertain.

In September, we resubmitted a proposal to the NSW Government, calling for support of breakfast programs in our schools. These conversations are ongoing and we look forward to making progress towards our goal of feeding 12,600 more hungry children in NSW.

Last month, on World Hunger Day, we launched our 2017 Hunger Report which revealed that in the last 12 months, a shocking 3.6 million Aussies (15% of the population) have been uncertain where their next meal is coming from. Contrary to popular belief, the Hunger Report reveals that nearly 50 per cent of those struggling to feed themselves and their families (48%) are actually employed, while more than a quarter of those receiving food assistance are children. Young adults are particularly vulnerable, experiencing food insecurity more frequently than older generations.

With basic necessities becoming more and more expensive, it’s tragic to see the increasing number of Aussies falling into food insecurity. Many are forced to make difficult decisions around whether to “heat or eat”; two in five food insecure Australians (41%) have not paid bills in order to have enough money to buy food.

Hunger in NSW and the ACT is reaching crisis point, and the fact that young people and children are particularly vulnerable is not acceptable. With the UN Sustainable Development Goal of ending hunger in 2030 at the top of our priority list, it’s paramount that we all work together to face these challenges and bring some certainty into the lives of those that are struggling.

View the full 2017 Hunger Report here.

Gerry Andersen, CEO Foodbank NSW ACT


Warmest Regards,

Gerry Andersen

CEO, Foodbank NSW & ACT


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