February 28, 2018

Grant Family says Thank You

Last year we introduced you to the Grant family, who were struggling to make ends meet after Andrew had been made redundant.

Andrew and Annet were in despair. As a single-income family of seven and with Annet home schooling two of their children, they were completely reliant upon Andrew’s job. Working two jobs for over 17 hours a day, the family still struggled to make ends meet.

Food became the lowest priority as they desperately tried to keep a roof over their heads.

“There just wasn’t enough money for everything – and food doesn’t reduce debt of keep creditors at bay. There were days when I was frightened to check the letterbox,” said Annet.

Before Christmas last year, we reached out to ask for help on behalf of the Grant family and so many others just like them, to turn Christmas from a time of desperation and sadness into a time of hope. We wanted to deliver hampers full of groceries to ease the stress and pain – knowing that this gift of food would mean the world.

We were overwhelmed by your generosity. Thanks to you, we went far beyond our target and were able to deliver more than 17,500 hampers to families like the Grants.

Watch the Grants thank you message to you

If you would like to continue supporting families like the Grants, your generous donation will go a long way to provide food assistance to those most in need.

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