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July 8, 2018

The ability to feed the family is something that should never have to be compromised, but unfortunately, we know more and more Aussie families are falling into food insecurity. Every year, cost-of-living increases around winter as the chill takes hold, and everyday Aussies are sometimes forced to make difficult decisions like “heat or eat”.

Food insecurity is putting the well-being of Australian families and individuals in jeopardy. Families like Lyn’s who don’t choose a life of hunger and heartache. No one would choose this life. But as Lyn says, hard times happen. With your help, we can ease the financial stress felt by far too many Australian families.

A new survey published by Good Shepherd Microfinance showed that 1 in 4 Australians struggle with the ever-rising cost of everyday living. According to the study, 21% of Australians struggling with the cost of living forgo food to make ends meet, while 29% either cannot pay or barely cover the costs of their power bills.

Here are Foodbank NSW & ACT, we’re proud to partner with committed frontline charities and agencies that help us distribute 1.4 million meals every month, providing healthy grocery items and pantry staples to individuals and families that need our help.

This is already a mammoth task, but according to the latest Foodbank Hunger Report, we know in order to meet increasing demand a huge 41% more food is required. In this Newcastle Herald article, one of our charity partners describes over-capacity in their venues and having to ration out staples so they are spread across more households as demand increases.

Thank you for your continued support in fighting hunger and feeding hope.


Warm Regards,

Gerry Andersen

CEO, Foodbank NSW & ACT

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