Maddy’s Story: One food parcel can change everything

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April 29, 2016

Having grown up in the foster care system, Maddy was determined to make something of her life and was supporting herself through university by working two jobs.

At the start of her final year of university she lost both jobs, because of restructure and closure, and her life was thrown into crisis.

With no family support, she sold everything she had but it was still not enough, leaving her unable to afford food or the rent for the accommodation she was staying in.

Maddy heard about a local food pantry, with food provided by Foodbank, and when she arrived she was dehydrated and very unwell.

Maddy explains: “I felt embarrassed and didn’t know who to turn to. I thought I could take care of myself and didn’t need anyone’s help but then my life unexpectedly got turned upside down. Receiving food assistance helped me use the little funds I had to cover my rent so I didn’t lose my home.”

“The first proper meal I ate in a while was the best meal of my life! I have no idea what I would have done without the help to get my through that rough time. Foodbank makes an impact in so many ways and one food parcel can change everything.”

Since then Maddy was been able to continue with her studies, find a stable job and get her life back on track.

Thanks to the support of friends like you, one meal parcel really can make a difference! Foodbank provides food & groceries to nearly 600 welfare charities, food pantries and schools across NSW & ACT. If you would like to provide food relief to help more people like Maddy recover from crisis please make a donation to Foodbank NSW & ACT.

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