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March 31, 2017

Proud to collaborate with Our Community Pantry, an initiative that provides healthy food to those in need

Last week we saw the launch of Our Community Pantry, a new food distribution centre located in Tahmoor that offers nutritious meals to more than 23,000 Macarthur region community members who are experiencing financial hardship.

Foodbank NSW & ACT couldn’t be more delighted to support the incredible woman who runs the pantry, and the face of FBNA’s latest fundraising campaign, Paula Zrilic.

Our Community Pantry has provided 128,000 meals over the past 12 months to individuals and families who are experiencing crisis or financial hardship in the region. The Pantry is committed to counteracting and reducing social issues such as poverty and food insecurity, food waste, social isolation and unemployment.

As the primary food providers for Our Community Pantry, We are proud to be part of the team bringing food relief and hope to these communities. FBNA provides 250 kilograms of fruit and vegetables and 1400 kilograms of meat and food staples to the MacArthur community, equating to over 6000 meals every week.

Paula featured on ABC’s 7.30 last night discussing how she established the pantry as a result of her own experience with food insecurity, after she and her three daughters escaped their abusive household. Paula really is a true inspiration and her story can be watched here


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