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February 22, 2017

Dear Foodbank Supporter,

I believe it is vital to keep you up-to-date on exactly what your gifts can achieve. I believe you and I have the power to truly make a lasting difference for families who need our help.

That is why I continue to share stories of the kinds of people in need who will not receive food without you. Their stories are moving, unique and often unexpected. Which is what I want to talk to you about today.

Most people don’t think of domestic violence when they think about Foodbank, but the sad fact is an unsafe, volatile home makes it impossible for a parent to consistently provide Foodbank Domestic Violence Appealmeals for their children. Tragically, 1 in 3 women in Australia have experienced domestic violence – many of them carers to young children. Today a devoted mum who is triumphing over domestic violence needs you.

Paula is a hard-working, middle class mother of three daughters. Few people around Paula knew, but during her 20-year marriage, she suffered intimidation, psychological abuse and even physical violence from her partner. At times, she feared she would be killed. Every part of Paula’s life was impacted: even her ability to buy food was restricted.

Right now, will you please give a gift $35 so that Paula can feed her children after escaping domestic violence – staples like cereal, bread and vegetables – and help rebuild their lives? Click here to donate to this urgent appeal.

Since she worked up the courage to leave the family home she shared with her partner, all Paula cares about is making sure her daughters Mia, 20, Zoe, 19, and Eva, 11 have a normal life like other children; free from violence and poverty.

In the months before she left, Paula quietly set aside money for a bond to rent a house and buy a fridge and washing machine – the absolute basics. There was no savings left for food.

She is happy to be free now, but life is still very tough. Paula just scrapes by. Initially, she and the girls didn’t even have cutlery and plates and Paula slept for months on a mat on the floor because she couldn’t afford a bed.

Your kindness will make sure Paula has the resources to invest in creating a safe, happy home, rather than worrying constantly where her family’s next meal will come from. Right now, your urgent gift of $35 can help feed domestic violence survivors like Paula and her daughters. Click here to donate.

Once her daughters are in bed, Paula often cries alone in despair. As a middle-class woman with a university degree and a job, this is not the life she imagined.

When things were at their worst, I would cry after people visited because I just wished they would bring a meal to feed my kids,” she says.

Soon after Paula left her dangerous marriage, her youngest child Eva asked if she could have a party for her 11th birthday just like other little girls. Paula would have to say “no” to Eva. She was devastated. She couldn’t even afford cereal, bread and milk, let alone party food.

No parent wants their child to experience poverty and miss out on birthdays. Thankfully, just when Paula began to doubt her ability to rebuild her life, she received a gift that changed everything.Foodbank Domestic Violence Appeal

It was her first box of fruit, vegetables and groceries from Foodbank. After she collected the box from a community food pantry in her suburb, she placed it in the boot. Then she sat in her car and sobbed with relief.

“There were Rice Bubbles in the box, and I thought ‘I can make chocolate crackles for Eva’,” she remembers, smiling. As I was bawling in the car I was thinking ‘Now she can have a birthday party and feel normal and have her friends over.”

Right now, across the country, the lives of thousands of people like Paula could be transformed if they could only receive the regular gift of a box of basic groceries. Like Paula, they could go home with full arms and full hearts. Tonight, their children could have full bellies.

But funding for these food boxes is limited.

That is why your donation today is so vital for parents recovering from domestic violence. It means they can establish normal mealtimes for their kids to help create a safe, happy home. Research has found that financial and food security is an important step to help a parent break the cycle of domestic violence.

And it’s not just about the food you help provide – when you donate you are also giving hurting people like Paula the dignity that can only come from having the capacity to provide for your kids.

Dignity is the real gift you will give when you donate $35 today. Click here to donate.

How this ground-breaking program works is by supplying grassroots organisations such as churches and not-for-profits who have identified a hunger crisis in their communities with meat, fruit, vegetables and other groceries. Thanks to your support, they can then establish local walk-in food pantries to distribute these groceries to people who need it most.

A typical food pantry may offer all the ingredients needed to make an affordable meal. It can also provide a hungry family with a regular grocery hamper like Paula’s, until they can rebuild their lives and become financially secure. Some pantries even give cooking lessons.
Foodbank Domestic Violence Appeal
Foodbank receives applications from community pantries around the country every week, but without your donation we simply cannot afford to supply food in every desperately needy area.
Paula can make sure she has enough food with your support today, and this incredible woman is already using the help she has received so far to help others just like her. She has established a food pantry in her local community, that last year delivered Foodbank meals to over 600 in-need families.

“This is saving people’s lives,” says Paula “It is saving my family.”

Please take urgent action so we can expand our food deliveries around Australia.

Your donation of $35 by 31st March will keep local food hampers well stocked with stables like milk, bread, pasta, cereal, fruit and vegetables. A gift of $50, or $100 or even $150 will ensure that innocent children like Paula’s can enjoy a normal childhood rather than worry constantly where their next meal will come from. You will be helping to break the cycle of domestic violence, by giving a family dignity at the most traumatic time in their lives. Click here to donate.

What Paula most needs today is for you to send your help as soon as you can so we can reach families in crisis without delay. You could have a tremendous impact and help a family like hers to rebuild from nothing.

Warmest regards,

Gerry Andersen
CEO, Foodbank NSW & ACT

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