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November 8, 2015

When primary school students Joey and Harry realised that millions of Australians go hungry every year and many of them are kids, who go without breakfast, they decided to do something about it.

Their solution was to involve their school, Coogee Public, to host a Big Breakfast and aim raise $2,500 for Foodbank NSW & ACT to provide food for the Redfern Jarjum College school breakfast program.

Redfern Jarjum College is a unique primary school dedicated to the growth and well-being of local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children students. Their mission is to educate and support children who are not currently participating or coping in mainstream primary schools

When asked why they wanted to support the students of Jargum College Joey and Harry shared,”We wanted to help the kids at Jarjum because they are not as lucky as us and do not have breakfast before they go to school.”

Students at Coogee Public School Big Breakfast

Coogee Public School Teacher Siobhan Peterson said the Student Representative Council (SRC) decided to focus on fundraising for causes in local community and they liked the connection between having one big breakfast that would then be able to provide others with many breakfasts.

In the lead up to the Big Breakfast, students from Kindergarten to Year 6 donated a lot of breakfast foods as well as disposable plates, cups, serviettes and cutlery.  On the morning, the SRC met at 7.45am to set up the hall for the big event, while all of the teachers meet in the the staff room and helped cut up fruit to make fruit salads and plate up all of the food. By 8.30am the breakfast was under way!

“We have over 600 students at the school, so there was an overwhelming amount of donations. It was a fabulous morning which the school community really enjoyed!” said Siobhan.

“A lot of the students were initially unaware that there are children their age who may be going to school without breakfast. It came as a quite a shock to them – especially those students in the younger years. This fundraiser proved to be an eye opening experience for them and helped the students understand that hunger is not just an issue in third world countries, but also in our own.”

Joey and Harry still had something more in mind to help the students of Jargum College and as well as the Big Breakfast they also participated in a fun run to try and meet the goal they set.

On reaching their $2,500 goal which will provide 6,250 serves of breakfast Joey and Harry said, “We had fun and feel happy that we have be able to help people that aren’t as fortunate as us.”

For more information about how you can donate and provide breakfast for those in need visit:

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