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June 14, 2015

Winter is a tough time for families in NSW and the ACT, many are faced with a difficult decision between heating their homes and
having enough food for their families to eat.

Sara’s father was struggling to find the money to feed his kids. He usually finds winter a particularly  difficult time. With no breakfast and nothing in her lunchbox, Sara sat by herself in the playground, hungry, cold and often alone.

All Sara really wanted was an apple like the other kids. apples

Thankfully, through the support of generous friends like you, we were able to provide
Sara and her family with food for breakfast… and a big bag of apples!

Sara’s father broke down in tears, and Sara drew us a picture of a lunchbox filled with fruit… the words “Daddy is happy, thank you” were written underneath.

Sara’s story is a powerful reminder of how your support can not only fill
a child’s stomach, but also bring lasting hope to a family in need.

And right now, with the weather turning cold, many struggling parent’s like Sara’s father will have to decide between keeping their homes warm and providing food for their kids.

School Breakfast Program EOFY AppealWe believe this is a choice they shouldn’t have to make.

That’s why your tax-deductible gift before June 30 is so crucial to reach our $52,500 goal to expand our Breakfast Program, and help ensure no school child is denied the opportunity to a nutritious breakfast.

With your help, we can ensure no child in NSW or the ACT is denied the opportunity to a healthy breakfast and a positive future.


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