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February 28, 2018

You are helping give kids a healthy start to the day

For many children in the Foodbank School Breakfast Program, breakfast is a luxury. They arrive at school with an empty stomach as their family silently battle food insecurity.

For many children who come to school hungry, not only are they unhappy and distracted in the classroom but they can also lose up to two hours a day of learning time. Studies show that students who miss out on breakfast find it difficult to concentrate and become lethargic, with many experiencing difficulties or exhibiting behavioural problems.

With support from people like you, Foodbank has been running the School Breakfast Program in over 100 schools across NSW and the ACT.

Donna Sirmais, School Breakfast Program Coordinator at Cambridge Park Public School, report that since the program has been operating at her school, the difference has been extraordinary.

“We serve breakfast for up to 100 students each morning – cereal with milk, toast with butter, jam or vegemite, as well as yoghurt and fruit. On Fridays, there is a delicious cooked breakfast of sausages and eggs. The change we’ve seen in the children, their enthusiasm for school attendance and creating new friendships has been wonderful. The positive social interactions and greater engagement in the classroom is everything we could have hoped for and more,” she said.

With your support, Foodbank can assist children most in need, start their day with a healthy breakfast, ready to learn in class and with a smile on their face.

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