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February 10, 2016

Team RSVP is a group of 4 friends Raveena, Sangeeta, Vikashni and Payal who got together to make difference in their community.

After much planning, they held several events in September, and raised 504 kilograms of food and $174.70 funds for Foodbank NSW & ACT. Their combined effort equated to nearly 1,500 meals that would go to feed children, low-income families, the elderly and many more struggling Aussies.

This is no small feat for 4 friends and a nice reminder that even the smallest act of kindness can make a huge difference!

When we hear of stories of kindness being done for others, we can be inspired to do the same, so we interviewed Team RSVP to find out why they wanted to fight hunger in their community…

Q: What motivated you to help Foodbank?
A: We all wanted to give something back to the community and after learning about charities, we found Foodbank was the best way to go. Our belief was that community gets more involved in donating food rather than cash donations.  At least they are comfortable that what they are giving reaches the targeted audience.

Q: What does food mean to you?
A: Food is a mean of survival and necessity of life.  It is a basic right that everyone should have access to.

Q: What’s your favourite food?
A: We all love Indian Crusine.  We have been brought up with this taste and the flavours are great and texture is vibrant.

Q: How did you see your community get involved in your event?
A: We had an overwhelming response from the local community (Blacktown NSW), workmates, friends and families. We distributed flyers two weeks in advance in mailboxes and also e-mailed flyers to friends and to work colleagues.  We had one week of food drive at work where we placed boxes at different locations in the office and asked all those interested to donate their food items in the given boxes.  On the day of food drive at home, we placed Foodbank banners and whiteboard banners on main street advertising what we are doing and where to contribute. We collected a total of 27 boxes of food over the two weeks period!

Q: What have you learnt about the issue of hunger in Australia?
A: We never knew the issue of hunger was so big in a developed country like Australia.  Foodbank created awareness amongst us. We have learnt that Foodbank is not widely known amongst people.  Foodbank needs to advertise and create more awareness in public and get more people like us to get involved to fight against hunger.  The more we can collect, the more we can feed.

We need the ongoing support of friends like you to help us fight hunger in Australia. Click here for more information on how you can become a Foodbank hero and fundraise for us.

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