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May 17, 2015

Here at Foodbank NSW & ACT volunteers are our lifeblood and we couldn’t do what we do without them! Megan and Stefan first volunteered with us a several years ago when they were just married and they have been coming ever since! They’re happy to volunteer with Foodbank because they know they will help feed children, like their own, through giving their time to us! ‪

Q          What brought you to Foodbank NSW & ACT to volunteer?

S          A number of things really. We are passionate about giving back to the community, as is everyone at Salesforce – it’s ingrained in the culture. We live out West, and were especially keen to help out not for profits in our neck of the woods. Knowing also that we could help families in need and give them one less thing to worry about so that can focus on each other was a big part of it for me.

M        I originally owned the relationship between Salesforce and Foodbank and organised the team with dates to volunteer so I wanted to return and keep giving back to your organisation as it’s a great initiative and one of the events where we can physically give our time and energy to contribute.

Q          Tell us about Salesforce and their volunteer program?

S          Salesforce has a 1-1-1 model. 1% of our time, equity and product is given to not for profits all around the world. As an employee, I have seven days a year that I can use to volunteer and give back to the surrounding community. Foodbank is one that has been important to me since day one.

Q          How many times have you volunteered with Foodbank NSW & ACT now?

S          If I’m honest, I’ve lost count!

M         I’ve lost count as well. But it has been a relationship over at least 5 years.

Q          What was life like when you both first came to volunteer with Foodbank NSW & ACT?

S          Megan and I have always had a passion for helping out. Life was definitely less busy prior to having two kids. Thanks to Salesforce and their 1-1-1 model, we are still able to make time to give back throughout the year.

Megan and Stefan one of the first times they volunteered with Foodbank NSW/ACT, before kids in August 2010

Megan and Stefan one of the first times they volunteered with Foodbank NSW/ACT, before kids in August 2010

Q          How has life changed since you first volunteered and came back recently to volunteer?

S          Less time, more work. I know it sounds cliché, but being a parent is the best hard job I’ve ever had.

M         I look forward to the days when I can bring my kids along to the volunteering days so they can have visibility into the bigger picture and see how important it is to always be giving back to the community.

Q          What do you like to do as a family with your kids when you’re not working for fun?

S           Build, explore, play – just about anything that peaks their interest. There’s nothing like seeing that moment when their eyes light up because they’ve discovered something new or accomplished something for the first time. Being there to share in their excitement is pretty cool.

M          We sing, dance, go to the park, read. My weekends are all about my kids and just spending time with them and finding news ways to interact and excite and inspire them as they grow so quickly!

Q          Why is volunteering important to you?

S          Australia is my adopted country. I moved here from the US almost eight years ago, and it’s important for me to give back to the community and country that has given me so much in return.

M         There is no better feeling than knowing you are contributing to people in need. It makes me feel whole, happy and like I’m really making a difference. It is something I didn’t do enough of prior to Salesforce and they have given me the chance to really build this into my way of life

Q          How do you think you’re making a difference through your volunteering with Foodbank NSW & ACT?

S          I know how hard and demanding it can be to be a parent. For those single parents out there, or those families that are struggling to make ends meet, I’d like to think that I’ve given them at least one less thing to worry about.

M         Watching the induction video when I was last there almost brought me to tears now being a Mum myself. The thought of not being able to give my kids a good meal or to pack them lunches for school would be such a heartache. It’s wonderful to think that every pallet we pack is taking that stress away from a fellow parent and allowing them to put that energy back into their kids and their family.

Q          Would you recommend volunteering with Foodbank NSW & ACT?

S          It’s a great experience, working towards a common goal with good, like-minded people.

M         Without question!

We’re so thankful for Stefan and Megan giving their time to help us fight hunger over the last five years. It is amazing volunteers like them that help us feed many hungry Aussies. We appreciate all of our volunteers from Salesforce and of course Salesforce for encouraging their employees to give back! You know what they say – couples that volunteer together stay together! We can’t wait to see Stefan and Megan back again soon!

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