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Food drives are a great way for individuals, schools, clubs, organisations and companies to help us keep up the supply of non-perishable food. These products are critically important to help in breaking the cycle of hunger and poverty. And you can make a huge difference by providing meals for individuals and families who will struggle to put food on the table at Christmas time!

We welcome items that are in in demand by the needy, including bread, breakfast cereal, long-life milk, baked beans, rice, pasta, soups and canned foods that are not on or past expiry dates.

The best way to organise your Food drive is to register your event below and let us know what you’re planning. We can support your event and provide advice on how to have a successful drive! Upon registration you will also receive a Food drive host kit that includes posters, flyers and creative ideas.

Please note: During the lead up to the Christmas season we receive a large number of food drives and donated food – which we are extremely thankful for – however being a charitable organisation this stretches our transport resources. We would ask that you would consider dropping off your food drive or donated food yourself or arranging courier to deliver the food to our distribution centre at 50 Owen Street Glendenning. If this is not possible please contact us. Thanks in advance for your understanding and generosity!

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Whether you collect 6 items or 600, all donations will make a difference to someone’s life.

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