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May 13, 2016
This winter, thousands of everyday Australians in NSW & ACT, won’t have enough money to stay warm and well fed.

Many of them will go to bed on those icy cold nights with empty stomachs, knowing they may have to miss breakfast too.

They are the 1 in 6 Australians who experience food insecurity… children, adults and the elderly who are unsure where their next meal will come from.

One of these people is Cathy. Her son has autism and needs full-time care, so Cathy can’t work or leave him alone. The boy’s father left the family a long time ago, and Cathy can’t remember the last time he sent money to support his child.

Cathy does receive a carer’s allowance, but it’s hardly enough to pay for rent, medicines, special education for her son and bills. And worryingly, the allowance doesn’t provide enough for Cathy to feed herself and her son with nutritious food.

But thankfully, through Foodbank, Cathy receives fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as nutritious staples like cereal, pasta, canned goods and more. Cathy shares…

Thanks to Foodbank, I can prepare healthy food even with a tight budget. That means I can afford to give my son nutritious meals, as well as pay for the special education that he so desperately needs.

With food insecurity growing to crisis point across the country, there are now hundreds of thousands of Australians like Cathy who are heading into winter, unsure where their next meal will come from.

But thanks to our partnerships with farmers, suppliers, manufacturers and the government, when you give generously to Foodbank before June 30, we can multiply the impact of your gift by seven.

This means that every $1 you give provides $7 worth of food!

If you’d like to help struggling Aussies this winter, please give generously. Your tax-deductible gift will share the warmth of a full stomach with people who would otherwise be facing a very cold and hungry winter.

Please donate today.

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