Web Ordering Update & Thermometers

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July 6, 2016

We would like to bring attention to the little thermometers which show beside each item in the Web Ordering catalogue.

As per the picture above the dark blue thermometer is for frozen items, the light blue thermometer is for cold items (refrigerated), the green thermometer is for fresh items (eg f&v, bread), the orange thermometer is for pantry and non-food items.

This should help agencies who are not able to order frozen/refrigerated product.

Also attached a copy of the Web Order User Guide for your information. When ordering if you click on “Update Totals” this shows the cost and total kilos of your order as you go along. “Clear” should clear your whole order. “Finish Later” should only be used if you have to leave the order for a short time only as the product you order is not allocated until the order is received at Foodbank.


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